American Legacy Fishing Specials – December 11, 2011

INSTANT SAVINGS of $15 to $75 on any Order of $150 or More…….


Hey, it’s Christmas and we always want to do something special for all of our friends and customers. This year we didn’t think there was any better way to say “thank You” than with cold, hard cash. Between $15 and $75 in Cold Hard Cash!


Between now and Saturday, December 17, 2011 any order over $150 will receive a $15 discount by using discount code CASH15. Any order over $300 will receive a $40 discount by using code CASH40. Any order over $500 will receive a $75 discount by using code CASH75. Plus, Free Shipping applies to any order over $200! Just put the appropriate discount code in the box provided on the shopping cart page OR the discount code box provided on the Checkout page and then hit the “Apply Coupon” button and voila, you’ll get the discount.


These Discount Codes apply to ALL items, sale items included, so don’t delay. Right now our selection is as good as it has ever been and as always, we ship the same day your order is received – worldwide. We use FedEx Ground (overseas order ship via FedEx International) or USPS Priority, so you can be confident that your order will arrive in plenty of time for Christmas.


If you’re like us we always try to take advantage of any sale, and we think this sale is a heck of a deal. No limits, nor restrictions, no hassle. Just be sure to remember to type the appropriate discount code in the Discount Code box and then hit the apply button. We’ll take it from there!




Brand New in-the-box Shimano 2011 Curado CU200E5 Made-in-Japan Reels for $129.99 – Holy Moly!……………


OK, we still have about 35 of these awesome Shimano Curado CU200E5 reels in stock. These are the same reel as the 2012 Shimano Chronarch reel that sells for $199.99 (these reels sold for $179.99) They’re made in Japan and definitely the best Japanese reel on the market today for $179.99 Sooooo, at $129.99 this is truly a “no brainer” in anybody’s book.


This is definitely a first-come, first-served deal with No Limit on quantities. Team this reel up with one of Shimano’s new Crucial rods or G. Loomis’ new GL2 rods and you will have one absolutely awesome outfit. Better yet, couple this bad boy to a Shimano Cumara or a G. Loomis IMX, GLX, or the new NRX rod and watch all your friends turn green with envy! Oh, by the way, this reel’s color matches the new G. Loomis NRX Green Rods almost perfectly!


Like we said, we’ve only got about 35 of these reels, so if this is something you want or think you know someone who will want one for Christmas PLEASE act now. When they’re gone they are truly G-O-N-E with no additional supplies available. Once again, the early bird gets the worm on these babies!



OMG! Just Introduced G. Loomis GREEN NRX Rods Rock and We are the First to Receive Them…………..


We got a call the end of November from G. Loomis letting us know there is a NEW G. Loomis NRX rod. No, no new models, but a New Color. We would describe it as a deep Forest Green. Frankly, this is one good lookin’ rod with matching green wraps and all of the same components as the Blue NRX rods. Now we really like the Blue NRX rods, but we have to tell you that these green NRX rods are just beautiful. Never thought we would say that, but simply put, they are.


Why a different color NRX? Hmmmm, good question. Rumor has it that the European market wasn’t that receptive to the blue NRX’s. Not sure why. Frankly, we thought the blue rods were distinctive and quite honestly, made them stand out and precipitated some serious “rod envy” from other fishermen. But, having said that these new Green NRX rods are damn good looking and sexy.


If you couple the new green rods up with a 2011 or 2012 Shimano Curado they look like they were made for each other. Or, throw a Shimano Core or Chronarch on one and you really have one awesome outfit. Now you have a choice when it comes to the World’s Best Fishing Rod. Whatever color you decide on you can be sure that by choosing a G. Loomis NRX rod you are fishing with the very best. Lake blue or Sea Green it’s your choice. Both colors are in stock and can ship the same day your order is received.


And yes, Virginia, these rods make a fantastic Christmas gift!

Still Time for Overseas Shipments if you Order Now…………

Those of you outside of the United States still have plenty of time to order and be assured your order will arrive in plenty of time for Christmas. Typically we see 4 to 8 days delivery time to most of the world via FedEx International and a 6 to 10 days delivery time via US Postal Service International Priority which are the two methods we ship by. FedEx is more expensive but offers tracking and easier customs clearance. FedEx is available for any shipment by request.

We make overseas orders E-A-S-Y and you can place your order on-line using our web site. Just include a note telling us how you want your order shipped and then we will email you a separate invoice for shipping and ship the same day we receive your payment. It’s that simple.

Best of all, almost all of our overseas customers save money by buying from us even when shipping charges are included, so don’t delay. Place your order soon and we will make sure you have it for the Christmas holidays.


Every year we take a look at our products and ask ourselves “What would I like to have for Christmas?” And every year we end up with a list of some really neat stuff. This year we have two lists; Great BIG Gifts and Super STOCKING STUFFERS. Both lists have some of our most popular items that we’re absolutely positive will be greatly appreciated. We think you’ll like what we’ve come up with. Feel free to pass this along to your spouse, best friend, or whoever that “Secret Santa” is!


Great BIG Gifts:


Shimano Blackmoon Backpacks – We can hardly keep these on the shelves! Both the Shimano Compact Blackmoon Backpack and the Shimano Medium Blackmoon Backpack offer lots of features any fisherman will truly appreciate. Prices are $119.99 for the Compact$149.99 for the medium. 


Daiwa Certate-HA Spinning Reel – This is one BAD reel! Magnetic oil, ultra-light frame and rotor, sealed gearing, and lots more. You won’t find a smoother reel anywhere. Great Daiwa warranty, too. 3 models: CT2000HACT2500HA, and CT3000HA all priced at $499.95 Fantastic product!



American Legacy 40 Rod Rack – You can never have too many fishing rods or Premium All Wood Rod Racks to store them in. This is our exclusive rod rack and one we’re damn proud of. All wood, rotating base, 40 rod capacity, G. Loomis Stickers included. You won’t find a better rack! Price is $159.99 and it’s worth every penny!


Shimano Chronarch Reel – How many Made-In-Japan Low Profile Casting Reels sell for under $200? One. The New 2012 Shimano Chronarch Casting Reel. There are 8 models in two sizes. 4 right hand retrieve, 4 left hand retrieve. Ratios from 5.5:1 to 7.0:1 THE best under $200 reel on the planet. Price for all models is $199.99 each. Amazing!


EGO S2 Landing Nets – Who would have ever thought that there would be such a thing as an “Innovative” landing net? Well, here it is in all it’s glory! This is another one of those “must haves” and makes landing a fish a whole new experience. Light weight, telescopic, and it floats! Prices range from $69.98 to $89.98 Be sure you buy a complete landing net and not just a handle or a head. They are modular, you know!

G. Loomis Escape Travel Rods – Wonderful 3 piece rods that come in a hard case for all you world travelers. These are light, responsive, powerful rods with fantastic sensitivity. No matter how many rods a fisherman has one of G. Loomis’ Escape Travel Rods are always appreciated and a welcome addition to any fisherman’s arsenal. Prices from $310 to $375


G. Loomis GL2 Rods – Absolutely the very best Bang-for-the-Buck rod we offer. 41 models in both casting and spinning assure you that there is a rod or two that will meet your needs perfectly. Prices from $175.00 to $245 and worth every penny!


Bogagrip – Ah, one of our perennial favorites and a tool that should be in every fisherman’s tackle bag. If you’re buying for someone who “has everything” this is what you should select. Even those who have this wonderful fish grip tool want more than one! 3 models: 0-15 lb $124.950-30 lb $124.95; and 0-60 lb $249.95 Must have’s for sure!


American Legacy Gift Card – Need something easy? Something you know will never be a return after Christmas. Well hello, this is your gift! American Legacy Fishing Gift Cards are available in any denomination from $10 to……………Like we said, easy!




Costa Sunglasses – Man oh man, who wouldn’t like to get a pair of Costa’s for Christmas? We just LOVE these sunglasses which we think are the Best Available regardless of price. Yep, you can spend more, but you’ll never get better optics or performance. And they have a Lifetime Warranty! Prices range from $149.00 to $259.00 PLUS, Buy any pair of Costa Sunglasses and get a FREE Costa Clarity Cleaning Kit ($10 value) PLUS a FREE 1 year subscription to Marlin, Caribbean Travel & Life, or Field & Stream Magazine (up to $40 value). That’s a potential savings of $50!! Our Best Deal!




Live Target Frogs – Hey, who wouldn’t love to find a few of these in their stocking Christmas morning. Not many lures can claim to be cute and effective. Hollow Body and Walking available. Prices $9.49 – $10.69



Stick Jacket Rod Covers – Yea, you buy a $250 to $500 rod and then don’t protect it. Are you crazy?! Made in the USA and the best Rod protection money can buy. Cheap at $7.05 to $12.99



Costa Sunglasses – Big gift or Stocking Stuffer we just LOVE these sunglasses which we think are the Best Available regardless of price. Yep, you can spend more, but you’ll never get better optics or performance. And they have a Lifetime Warranty! Prices range from $149.00 to $259.00 Our Best Deal! And don’t forget the Costa t-shirts and hats!



American Legacy Gift Card – something easy? Something you know will never be a return after Christmas. Well hello, this is your gift! American Legacy Fishing Gift Cards are available in any denomination from $10 to……………Like we said, easy!



Megabass IT-JACK Collector Lures – Absolutely works of art from Megabass Japan. No, you don’t fish with these lures! They’re just too beautiful for that. But we can guarantee you any fisherman would love to have one of two of these beauties. Megabass hand painted in Japan in assorted colors. Prices from $71.25 to $94.99



Ardent Reel Cleaning Kits – Do someone or yourself a favor and buy a reel maintenance kit from Ardent. It’s easy to use and the cheapest insurance yet that your once-in-a-lifetime fishing trip won’t become a disaster because you failed to maintain your reels properly. Cheap at $19.99 to $29.99.



World’s Best Fillet Knife – A solid 5-Star Rating by our customers. Quote from a customer: ” If you are looking for a great fillet knife this is truly the one!” What more can we say? Our design, our specs. Make someone (or yourself) happy. Buy this knife! Currently on sale at $49.00 Best deal on the Internet!



Deep Down Dive Skeleton T-Shirts – Unique, eye catching, high quality. What more could you ask for? Various species of fish skeletons in a fantastic presentation. These t-shirts rock and are currently on sale for $14.99 My oh my!



Fish with Attitude Stickers – The most fun for $5 – $7 you will EVER have. Three sizes, but unlimited fun! Throw a few in when you order and watch the fun begin!

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